Operation Elg

'Elg' was a British operation by the Special Operations Executive in German-occupied Norway to continue the work of the 'Golden Eagle' party by preparing for the safe reception, billeting, maintaining, training and employment of 1,200 men between Valdres and Hallingdal (27 November 1944/May 1945).

The four-man 'Elg I' party, comprising P. Strande, P. Holst, A. Hagen and H. Christiansen, was parachuted into its operational area on 27 November, and the men then went to their billeting areas and Strande contacted the local Milorg military resistance organisation. The two-man 'Elg II' party, comprising K. Poulssen and A. Thon, was parachuted into the area on 28 December 1944, and from this time onward the combined parties started a programme of comprehensive instruction, many men later returned to their home towns to train others.

Up to May 1945 the base received 75 air drops with equipment for 3,000 men. Radio contact was maintained with London, and the transmitters in 'Elg' were also in contact with six other radio stations. In April 1945 the Germans began to show an interest in the base, and on 26 April there was a clash between 120 Germans and 85 local men, the Germans losing 29 men killed and 30 wounded, and the Norwegians six men killed and two wounded.