Operation EMP

'EMP' was the designation of Allied military convoys (together with a numerical suffix) carrying personnel from Belfast in Northern Ireland to France within the context of 'Overlord' (June/July 1944).

There were two such convoys. The first of these was EMP.1 of 1/3 July 1944 to the Seine Bay with the 7,626-ton US Bienville, 16,810-ton British Empress of Russia, 6,683-ton US Exchequer, 11,757-ton US Marine Raven and 10,584-ton US Sea Porpoise, and the second was EMP.2 of 7/9 July on the same route with the 7,114-ton US Borinquen, 7,618-ton US Excelsior, US Explorer, 12,093-ton US General George W. Goethals and 8,358-ton US George S. Simonds.