Operation Envious IIB

'Envious III' was a British naval undertaking in which Lieutenant C. Mason’s MGB-318 of the 15th Motor Gun Boat Flotilla was to land stores on the Ile Guenioc and Ile Tariec off the western coast of German-occupied France, and embark a party of escapers and evaders (1/2 December 1943).

The British naval personnel found the prearranged French resistance reception committee on the Ile Tariec and landed the stores. The weather then deteriorated rapidly and only one of the three 'surf boats' managed to regain the motor gun boat with seven evaders. MGB-318 left area at 04.50 and returned to Falmouth at 17.20 on 2 December, but had to leave Sub-Lieutenant Pollard and five naval personnel ashore in France.