Operation ET

'ET' was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the routes from North African ports to Gibraltar, and inaugurated after the successful implementation of 'Torch' (November 1942/July 1943).

The first of these convoys was ET.1 of 18/20 November 1942 from Algiers to Gibraltar with the 1,594-ton Norwegian Brisk, 6,009-ton British City of Christchurch, 5,469-ton British City of Worcester, 964-ton British Lochee and 7,74-ton British Ocean Liberty. The last was ET.23X of 20.23 July 1943 from Bizerte to Algiers with the 5,149-ton British Dumfries, 7,181-ton US Joaquin Miller, 6,541-ton Dutch Stad Maasluis and 7,062-ton British Stanrealm.