Operation ETM

'ETM' was the designation of Allied military convoys (together with a numerical suffix) carrying motor transport from Southend to the Bay of Seine, France, and as reciprocals of the 'FTC' series (June/October 1944).

Associated with 'Overlord' and subsequent Allied operations in North-West Europe, the first of these 88 convoys was ETM.1 of 6/7 June with 14 merchant vessels and four escorts, and the last was ETM.83 of 9/10 October with six British merchant vessels in the form of the 7,359-ton Empire General, 7,130-ton Fort Covington, 7,150-ton Fort Musquarro, 4,963-ton Jonathan Holt II, 7,210-ton Saminver and 7,219-ton Samrich.