Operation EWC

'EWC' was the designation of Allied military convoys (together with numerical and literal suffixes) plying the route from Spithead to the Seine Bay and using coastal vessels, and as such reciprocals of the 'FWC' series (June 1944).

These convoys were associated with 'Overlord', and totalled five in number. The first was EWC.1A of 6.7 June with the 695-ton British Crewhill, 646-ton British Cushendun, 581-ton British Donaghmore, 361-ton Dutch Erna, 640-ton British Gem, 297-ton British Hawarden Bridge, 631-ton British Moelfre Rose, 486-ton British Rockleaze, 1,224-ton British Stuart Queen and 632-ton British Wallace Rose escorted by two British warships in the form of the paddle-wheel coastal auxiliary anti-aircraft vessels Goatfell and Ryde. The last was EWC.2C of 23 June with 22 vessels including the 471-ton British Glen, 194-ton British George D. Irvin, 515-ton British J.F.V., 311-ton British Lowestoft Trader, 420-ton British Moorlands, 374-ton Dutch Njord and 577-ton British Topaz.