Operation EWP

'EWP' was the designation of Allied military convoys (together with a numerical suffix) carrying personnel from the Isle of Wight to the Seine Bay, France, and as such reciprocals of the 'FWP' series (June 1944).

Associated with the 'Overlord' landings in Normandy, the sole known example is EWP.1 of 7/8 June 1944 with the 1,573-ton Dutch Batavier II, 2,388-ton British Biarritz, 16,297-ton British Cameronia, 11,275-ton British Devonshire, 11,509-ton Belgian Leopoldville, 9,182-ton British Neuralia, 1,595-ton British New Bedford and 11,402-ton British Worcestershire. Escort was provided by the cruiser minelayer Adventure, light cruiser Despatch and auxiliary minelayer Southern Prince, and another British commissioned ship in this convoy was the 7,177-ton infantry landing ship Empire Crossbow.