Operation F

'F' was an Italian convoy operation across the Mediterranean between ports in southern Italy and Benghazi in North Africa (26/30 May 1942).

The 'F' convoy comprised three merchant vessels escorted by the destroyers Ugolini Vivaldi, Lanzerotto Malocello, Antoniotto Usodimare and Turbine, and the torpedo boat Lince. The convoy departed Naples on 26 May, reached Benghazi two days later, unloaded, and returned to Naples without loss on 30 May.

Over the same period two small convoys made the crossing of the Mediterranean from Taranto and Brindisi to Benghazi, one escorted by the destroyer Antonio Pigafetta and the other by the destroyer Emanuele Pessagno.

During this period the British submarine Turbulent, which had already made attacks on Italian ships and convoys on 14, 18, 20 and 24 May, sinking two small sailing vessels with gunfire on 14 May and the 2,384-ton freighter Bolsena on 18 May, made more attacks on 25 and 29 May, sinking the 3,172-ton freighter Capo Arma and destroyer Emanuele Pessagno on 29 May.

On 30 May the submarine Proteus sank the 1,570-ton German transport Bravo (ex-Yugoslav Junak), and on the following day the 6,835-ton Italian freighter Gino Allegri, which had been damaged by a torpedo from the submarine Taku on the previous day.