Operation Falcon (i)

'Falcon' (i) was a British operation by the Special Operations Executive to have a team operate in the Mosjøen area of German-occupied Norway for the reorganisation of local resistance groups, reception of arms and equipment, reconnaissance and planning of the destruction or defence of lines of communication, and the maintenance of order after any German withdrawal (18 January/mid-August 1944).

The two-man party of B. E. Sjøberg and A. E. Larsen was landed by sea on 18 January, and another three parties were delivered to the area during March, and after joining the 'Heron Red' team this meant that there was a party of 16 working in the region. From April, however, German security police began a series of raids in the region and in June launched operations 'Bärenfang I' to 'Bärenfang III'. This resulted in the breaking up of 'Falcon' and the death of Sjøberg on 9 June, and by mid-August SOE operations in the area were at an end.