Operation Faust (i)

'Faust' (i) was a British convoy operation between the Seine Bay and Southend to return empty vessels from 'Neptune' (iii) and 'Overlord' (14/15 June 1944).

The operation comprised 32 merchant vessels in the form of one Swedish ship (1,956-ton Bur), five US ships (7,176-ton Cyrus H. K. Curtis, 7,176-ton George Durant, 7,191-ton George Wythe, 7,244-ton Henry Austin and 7,176-ton William A. Jones), and 26 British ships (1,076-ton Brasted, 870-ton East Anglian, 7,067-ton Empire Call, 7,067-ton Empire Lankester, 7,037-ton Empire Newton, 2,841-ton Empire Strait, 7,128-ton Fort Assiniboine, 7,170-ton Fort Dearborn, 7,138-ton Fort Esperance, 7,135-ton Fort Livingstone, 7,131-ton Fort Norfolk, 7,150-ton Fort Pic, 7,134-ton Fort Poplar, 7,131-ton Fort Romaine, 7,134-ton Fort Slave, 2,168-ton Garesfield, 555-ton Glamis, 8,953-ton Malayan Prince, 996-ton Marlwood, 8,067-ton Marwarri, 7,178-ton Ocean Angel, 7,174-ton Ocean Vengeance, 7,174-ton Ocean Vision, 1,893-ton Oxford, 7,219-ton Samnesse and 7,261-ton Vancouver City).