Operation FBM

'FBM' was the designation of Allied military convoys (together with a numerical suffix) of ships returning empty from 'Overlord' from the Seine Bay to Falmouth or the Bristol Channel, and as such reciprocals of the 'EBM' series (June 1944).

FBM.2 of 13 June comprised the 7,176-ton US 'Liberty' ships Jesse Applegate and Stanton H. King, and FBM.4 of 12/14 June comprised the 7,176-ton US David Star Jordan, 7,176-ton US Edward W. Scripps, 7,165-ton US Elihu Root, 7,177-ton British Empire Broadsword, 2,852-ton British Empire Sedge, 7,176-ton US Florence Crittendon, 7,176-ton US G. W. Goethals, 7,177-ton US George E. Badger, 7,198-ton US George G. Crawford, 7,176-ton US J. D. Ross, 7,176-ton US James B. Weaver, 7,240-ton US James L. Ackerson, 7,176-ton US John Hay, 1,926-ton British Josewyn, 7,176-ton Josiah Nelson Cushing, 2,820-ton British Kyloe, 7,176-ton US Louis Kossuth, 7,200-ton US Pearl Harbor, 7,176-ton US Robert L. Vann, 7,180-ton US Stephen B. Elkins, 7,176-ton US Thomas Scott, 7,244-ton US William N. Pendleton, 7,191-ton US William Tilghman, and 2,776-ton Dutch Zeeland.