Operation FF

'FF' was the designation of Allied troop and evacuation convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route between the UK and north-western France (June 1940).

The first of these was FF.1 of 13 June as a positioning movement from the Clyde river to Brest with the 14,287-ton Polish Batory, 20,021-ton British Duchess of York, 27,759-ton British Georgic and 11,030-ton Polish Sobieski.

Part of 'Aerial', the third and last of the convoys was FF.2A of 18/19 June from St Nazaire to Falmouth with the 5,479-ton British Baharistan carrying some 2,000 troops, 3,041-ton British City of Lancaster, 6,614-ton British City of Mobile carrying some 2,000 troops, 7,347-ton British Clan Ferguson carrying some 2,000 troops, 5,013-ton British David Livingstone carrying 800 troops, 5,259-ton British Dundrum Castle carrying some 2,000 troops, 3,059-ton British Fabian carrying some 2,000 troops, 5,478-ton British Floristan carrying some 2,000 troops, 7,782-ton British Glen Afric carrying some 4,000 troops, 3,244-ton British Royal Ulsterman carrying some 2,800 troops, and 3,791-ton British Ulster Price carrying some 2,800 troops.