Operation Firebash

'Firebash' was British programme of low-level incendiary bombing raids on German targets in general, and airfields and communication centres in particular, by de Havilland Mosquito twin-engined light bombers (18 April/8 May 1945).

Undertaken primarily by the aircraft of Air Vice Marshal E. B. Addison’s No. 100 Group, the special duties group of Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Harris’s RAF Bomber Command, these raids used 4-lb (1.8-kg) incendiary bomblets, 250-lb (113-kg) incendiary bombs and drop tanks filled with 100 Imp gal (455 litres) of napalm, and began with an attack on Neubiburg airfield outside Munich on 18 April. Other airfields attacked in the operation included Flensburg, Schleswig, Lübeck, Hohn and Westerland.