Operation FN (ii)

'FN' (ii) was a British naval diversionary operation off the southern coast of German-occupied Norway by elements of Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser’s Home Fleet in succession to 'Camera' and 'Governor', of which it was essentially a scaled-down version (15/20 August 1943).

The light cruiser Belfast, supported by the destroyers Onslow and Orwell, departed Scapa Flow in the Orkney islands group on 15 August and headed for a point off the Norwegian coast, in the process being spotted and reported by a German reconnaissance aeroplane from Stavanger. Early on 17 August the three ships reversed course and headed for the Skálafjørður in the Færoe islands group, which they reached in the course of the same morning.

Escort by Bristol Beaufighter twin-engined heavy fighters of Air Vice Marshal A. B. Ellwood’s No. 18 Group of Air Marshal Sir John Slessor’s RAF Coastal Command was arranged for the following day, but the fighters failed to locate the ships, of which the destroyers remained for service in 'SF'.

Belfast departed the Færoe islands group on 19 August and reached Scapa Flow on 20 August.