Operation Fry

'Fry' was a British special forces raid to capture and hold four islands in Lake Comacchio in the north-eastern part of Italy, in the process supplementing the slightly earlier 'Roast' and thus serving as a diversion during 'Buckland' by drawing the attention of the Germans away from the Argenta gap, where the main effort of 'Buckland' was to be made (3/4 April 1945).

The islands were assaulted by men of Major Anders Lassen’s 'M' Squadron of the Special Boat Service supported by Italian partisans of Arrigo Boldini’s 28th Brigata Garibaldi 'Mario Gordini', which were part of the reserve available to Lieutenant General C. F. Keightley’s British V Corps of Lieutenant General Sir Richard McCreery’s British 8th Army. On landingm the SBS troops found that the islands were not currently garrisoned by the Germans, but later took prisoner a small number of Germans who arrived on a regular inspection.