Operation FTM

'FTM' was the designation of Allied military convoys (together with a numerical and sometimes literal suffix) returning empty from the Seine Bay, France, to Southend after delivering motor transport for 'Overlord' and subsequent Allied land operations in North-West Europe, and as such reciprocals of the 'ETC' series (June/September 1944).

The first of these 91 'France to Thames Military' convoys was FTM.1 of which no details have survived, and the last was FTM.79 of 6/7 September with the 1,046-ton British Dearne, 4,957-ton British Empire Mariner, 7,134-ton British Fort La Traite, 7,128-ton British Fort Tremblant, 5,559-ton British Rembrandt, 7,597-ton British Richmond Hill, 5,000-ton British Rodsley, 7,219-ton British Sambalt, 7,219-ton British Samos, 7,219-ton British Sampa, 7,219-ton British Sampep and 7,219-ton British Samrich, escorted by the British frigates Cubitt and Deane.