Operation Fustian

'Fustian' was a British partially realised two-part airborne operation in Sicily as part of 'Husky' (i) (13/14 July 1943).

The undertaking involved two brigades of Major General G. F. Hopkinson’s 1st Airborne Division, which were tasked to fly from the El Djem region in Tunisia to land in the area to the north of Augusta with the task of taking the crossing over the Mulinello river and seizing the northern suburbs of Augusta (Brigadier E. E. Down’s 2nd Parachute Brigade in succession to the cancelled 'Glutton') and to land astride the Simeto river, south of Mt Etna, with the task of taking and holding the Primasole bridge (Brigadier G. W. Lathbury’s 1st Parachute Brigade in 'Marston') as a means of speeding the advance of Lieutenant General M. C. Dempsey’s XIII Corps of General Sir Bernard Montgomery’s 8th Army from Augusta to Catania along the eastern coast of Sicily.