Operation G (iv)

'G' (iv) was an Italian convoy operation across the Mediterranean (24/28 November 1942).

'G' (iv) was one of a pair of semi-reciprocal convoys, the other being 'LL' between Tripoli in North Africa and Palermo in Sicily. On 27 November the 'LL' convoy of two ships, escorted initially by the torpedo boat Fortunale and then the torpedo boat Circe, met the 'G' (iv) convoy of two ships from Palermo to Bizerte in North Africa escorted by the destroyers Corazziere, Folgore and Mitragliere, and the torpedo boat Climene. Circe made a badly judged manoeuvre, was rammed by the transport Cittą di Tunisi and sank, Folgore rescuing 99 survivors. On 28 November the second transport, the 5,418-ton Cittą di Napoli, now escorted by the destroyer Maestrale and torpedo boat Animoso, struck a mine near the Aeolian islands group, off the north coast of Sicily, and sank.