Operation Gable

'Gable' was a British naval undertaking in which warships patrolled the Gulf of Martaban and the estuaries of the Irrawaddy and Sittang rivers with a view to severing the Japanese lines of communication to southern Burma in preparation for the planned 'Dracula' (ii) landing outside Rangoon (29 April 1945 onward).

On 27 April, Force 62 departed Trincomalee in Ceylon with the destroyers Racehorse, Redoubt and Roebuck, and during the afternoon on 29 April these ships established a patrol in the Gulf of Martaban with the object of intercepting small craft plying between Rangoon and the Tenasserim coast. At about 02.20 on 30 April, the ships of Force 62 destroyed 10 small craft, ranging in length from 50 to 80 ft (15.25 to 24.4 m), which were heading from Rangoon toward Moulmein and carrying about 750 Japanese troops. The Japanese displayed strong suicidal tendencies and were left in the water.