Operation Gardening

'Gardening' was the British overall designation for aerial minelaying to hinder the movement of German naval and mercantile shipping in European waters (spring 1944/May 1945).

Such minelaying was usually undertaken by night bombers, and the first such operation, along the Danube river in Hungary and Romania, was undertaken on 8 April 1944 by Air Vice Marshal J. H. I. Simpson’s No. 205 Group of Major General Nathan F. Twining’s Mediterranean Allied Strategic Air Force within Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder’s Mediterranean Allied Air Forces.

Other 'Gardening' destinations were 'Anemones' (Le Havre), 'Artichokes' (Lorient), 'Asparagus' (Great Belt), 'Barnacle' (Zeebrugge), 'Beech' (St Nazaire), 'Bottle' (Haugesund), 'Broccoli' (Great Belt), 'Carrots' (Little Belt), 'Cinnamon' (La Rochelle), 'Cypress' (Dunkirk), 'Daffodil' (The Sound), 'Deodar' (Bordeaux), 'Dewberry' (Boulogne), 'Eglantine' (Heligoland approaches), 'Elderberry' (Bayonne), 'Endives' (Little Belt), 'Flounder' (Maas and Scheldt estuaries), 'Forget Me Nots' (Kiel Canal), 'Furze' (St Jean De Luz), 'Hawthorne' (Esbjerg Approaches), 'Hollyhock' (Travemünde), 'Hyacinth' (St Malo), 'Geranium' (Swinemünde), 'Gorse' (Quiberon Bay), 'Greengage' (Cherbourg), 'Jasmine' (Travemünde), 'Jellyfish' (Brest), 'Juniper' (Antwerp), 'Krauts' (Limfjord), 'Lettuces' (Kiel Canal), 'Limpets' (Den Helder), 'Melon' (Kiel Canal), 'Mullets' (La Spezia), 'Mussels' (Terschelling Gat), 'Nasturtiums' (The Sound), 'Nectarines' (Friesian Islands), 'Newt' (Maas and Scheldt estuaries), 'Onions' (Oslofjord), 'Oysters' (Rotterdam), 'Prawns' (Calais), 'Privet' (Danzig), 'Pumpkins' (Great Belt), 'Quinces' (Great Belt and Kiel Bay), 'Radishes' (Kiel Bay), 'Rosemary' (Heligoland), 'Scallops' (Seine river in the Rouen area), 'Silverthorne' (Kattegat areas), 'Sweet Peas' (Rostock and Arcona Light), 'Tangerine' (Pillau), 'Tomato' (Oslofjord approaches), 'Trefoils' (Texel South), 'Turbot' (Ostend), 'Undergrowth' (Kattegat), 'Verbena' (Copenhagen approaches), 'Vine Leaves' (Dieppe), 'Wallflowers' (Kiel Bay), 'Whelks' (Zuiderzee), 'Willow' (Arcona to Dievenow river), 'Yams' (Heligoland approaches) and 'Yewtree' (Kattegat).