Operation Gesellenprüfung (ii)

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'Gesellenprüfung' (ii) was a German naval minelaying operation in the North Sea off the coast of Norfolk in the East Anglian region of the UK (7/8 October 1943).

Under the command of Korvettenkapitän Werner Lützow, the German force laid a large minefield in the area to the south of Smiths Knoll using 29 craft of Korvettenkapitän Klaus Feldt’s 2nd Schnellsboots-Flottille, Lützow’s own 4th Schnellboots-Flottille, Korvettenkapitän Albrecht Obermaier’s 6th Schnellboots-Flottille and Korvettenkapitän Felix Zymalkowski’s 8th Schnellsboots-Flottille.

S 62 and S 83 of the 2nd Schnellsboots-Flottille and S 93 and S 127 of the 8th Schnellsboots-Flottille had to return to base with engine problems, and during the operation the other craft of the 2nd Schnellsboots-Flottille, 4th Schnellsboots-Flottille and 6th Schnellsboots-Flottille laid 37, 44 and 40 mines respectively.