Operation Glucinium

'Glucinium' was a British special forces operation to parachute four Czechoslovak operatives into the southern Bohemia area of German-occupied Czechoslovakia to establish links with local resistance forces and undertake sabotage (2/3 July 1944 onward).

The members of the tam were Vitezslav Lepařík, Louis Hanina, Francis Trpík and Joseph Gypsy. The drop was in fact made at Purkarec Budejovice, some 6.2 miles (10 km) to the north of the intended area, and the men had to leave their parachutes and much of their equipment hanging in the trees in which they landed. The men then headed for their assembly area, but Lepařík became separated from the others, who decided that their lack of equipment made their intended task impossible and decided therefore to travel to Slovakia, where they knew that an uprising was imminent.

Trpík was arrested by the Gestapo on 27 July but survived the experience, while Lepařík was seized after a firefight and later shot at Theresienstadt on 28 April 1945.