Operation Graukopf

grey head

'Graukopf' was a German spoiling attack by 350 Abwehr personnel, wearing Soviet uniforms and armed with Soviet weapons, in the rear areas of the formations facing Generalfeldmarschall GŁnther von Kluge’s Heeresgruppe 'Mitte' (22/25 May 1942).

Using mostly Soviet prisoners 'turned' by the Germans, the operation was planned under the supervision of Oberst Erwin Lahousen, head of the Abwehr’s Abteilung II sabotage department, inflicted considerable losses on the Soviet losses (including some 500 men taken prisoner but later released as the Abwehr operatives were too few in number to herd them to the German lines) and caused great disruption, but was also costly for the Germans as only about 100 men managed to return to the German lines.