Operation Green (ii)

'Green' (ii) was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from Gibraltar to Alexandria and/or Port Said, Egypt (7 September/17 October 1939).

The first of the five such convoys was 'Green.1' of 7/18 September 1939 from Gibraltar to Alexandria with 27 ships of which 26 were British. The ships were the 1,777-ton Alpera, 3,082-ton Andalusian, 1,925-ton Balmore, 5,236-ton Bandar Shahpour, 2,492-ton Blackhill, 5,359-ton Brighton I, 6,955-ton British Faith, 6,009-ton City of Christchurch, 2,759-ton City of Oxford, 3,553-ton Destro, 2,018-ton Draco, 4,096-ton Dromore, 4,323-ton Elizabeth Massey, 10,525-ton Frederick S. Sales, 2,168-ton Garefield, 6,491-ton commissioned boom carrier Laomedon, 3,67-ton Kyleglen, 7,417-ton Lassell, 10,799-ton Llandaff Castle, 4,996-ton Loch Maddy, 5,186-ton Lylepark, 2,434-ton Mardinian, 3,090-ton Marklyn, 3,402-ton Mervyn, 5,989-ton Rosewood and and 2,482-ton Uskmouth, as well as the 4,372-ton Egyptian Star of Egypt.

The last was 'Green.5' of 16/17 October 1939 for dispersal, and of which no record appears to have survived.