Operation Guitar

'Guitar' was the British operation within 'Corkscrew' (i) to take the Italian islands of Lampedusa, Linosa and Lampione in the Pelagie islands group between Sicily and Tunisia (12/14 June 1943).

The 4,600-man garrison of Lampedusa capitulated to the destroyer Lookout and a 95-man party of the 2/Coldstream Guards after a night shelling by the light cruisers Aurora, Orion, Penelope and Newfoundland supported by another five destroyers, Linosa surrendered to the destroyer Nubian on 13 June, and Lampione surrendered on 14 June.

The way had thus been cleared for the trans-Mediterranean 'Husky' (i) invasion of Sicily less than one month later without the possibility of air or light warship attack from these islands on their lines of communication from North Africa.