Operation GV, GX and GY

'GV', 'GX' and 'GY' constituted a British trio of naval undertakings to lay minefields off Brest on the western tip of Brittany in German-occupied France and over the Little Sole Bank in the South-Western Approaches (24/27 March 1941).

The ships involved were the cruiser minelayer Abdiel and the minelaying destroyers Icarus, Impulsive and Intrepid of the 20th Destroyer Flotilla, covered by the destroyers Kashmir, Kelly, Kelvin, Kipling and Jackal of Captain the Lord Louis Mountbatten’s 5th Destroyer Flotilla. The object of the undertakings was to prevent the arrival of the German battle-cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau in Brest at the end of 'Berlin', but the two ships had in fact already reached Brest on 22 March before the start of the three interconnected minelaying operations.