Operation H-Linie

H Line

The 'H-Linie' was a German defence line on the Eastern Front held by General Maximilian Fretter-Pico’s XXX Corps of Generaloberst Karl-Adolf Hollidt’s (from 25 March 1944 General Sigfrid Henrici’s and from 8 April 1944 General Maximilian de Angelis’s) 6th Army along the Kuchurgan river, between Naksiya in the south and Grosulovo in the north, to buy time for Generaloberst Josef Harpe’s Heeresgruppe 'A' (from 31 March 1944 Generalfeldmarschall Ferdinand Schörner’s Heeresgruppe 'Südukraine') to pull back from the Bug river to the Dniestr river (March/April 1944).