Operation HA (iii)

'HA' (iii) was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical and sometime a literal suffix) plying the route from Ancona to Bari, Brindisi or Barletta in southern Italy (January/May 1945).

The first convoy of this series was HA.1 of 16/17 January 1945 from Ancona to Bari with the 1,479-ton British Empire Adur, 2,475-ton Norwegian Far, 7,132-ton British Fort Gruard, 7,126-ton British Fort Walsh, 2,473-ton Italian Motia, 8,258-ton US Orpheus and 1,208-ton Dutch Palehleh escorted by the British corvette Gloxinia, and the last was HA.34 of 1/2 May 1945 from Ancona to Bari with the 6,150-ton British Empire Scott, 1,527-ton British Kalarand, 3,570-ton French Lac Pavin, 1,568-ton Polish Lech and 7,176-ton US Simon Willard but no escorts.