Operation Haifisch (i)


'Haifisch' (i) was a German two-part deception plan within 'Barbarossa', designed to suggest an amphibious assault from occupied Norway on eastern Scotland and north-eastern England and this conceal the departure of substantial German forces in preparation for 'Barbarossa' (1940/May 1941).

'Haifisch I' was to simulate preparations for an invasion of Scotland and north-eastern England by forces based in Norway during the spring and early summer 1941), and 'Haifisch II' was a June 1941 variant of 'Haifisch I' by Generalfeldmarschall Erwin von Witzleben, the Oberbefehlshaber 'West', whose plan was based on the concept of simulated assaults against southern England at four different places between Folkestone and Worthing.

Within this deception plan it was intended that the German navy would simulate the transport of a substantial invasion force after loading them at major ports between Cherbourg and Rotterdam.