Operation Hardy (i)

'Hardy' (i) was a British special forces operation by the 2nd Special Air Service to establish a base near Mazignen on the Plateau de Langres to the north-west of Dijon in German-occupied central France (27 July/September 1944).

Under the command of Captain Grant Hibbert, an eventual 55 men and several Jeeps were parachuted into the target area to establish a base, link with elements of the local resistance forces, and undertake reconnaissance of the German strength and dispositions in the area. Hibbert’s men also undertook aggressive patrols against the German rail and road communications over which reinforcement could be moved to the Normandy front after the breakout from the 'Overlord' beach-head.

Reinforcement parties were dropped in the same area on 8, 17, 20 and 23 August, and late in the same month the 'Hardy' (i) party joined forces with the 'Wallace' party.