Operation Hawk/Kingfisher

'Hawk/Kingfisher' was a British operation by the Special Operations Executive to organise a small resistance group in the Lofoten islands group off the coast of German-occupied Norway (July 1942/January 143).

It was planned that this group would receive arms and stores for distribution to groups in other parts of Norway in barrels of fish by fishing boat or by air. Attempts were made to deliver K. Aarsæther and H. Sverdrup to northern Norway first by Consolidated Catalina flying boat and second by fishing boat, but these failed. The first trip to land Sverdrup with stores sailed on 11 December 1942, and eventually reached the Lofoten islands group. An attempt early in January 1943 to establish Aarsæther as the radio operator failed, and this operative returned with Sverdrup. The plan was then abandoned.