Operation Hebrew

This was a British convoy operation to move 10 merchant ships, escorted by nine warships and auxiliaries, from Scapa Flow to the Clyde river (12/14 June 1940).

The British merchant ships were the 3,921-ton Albert Le Borgne, 1,988-ton Cyprian Price, 5,242-ton Dromore Castle, 411-ton Heron, 9,154-ton Invershannon, 3,379-ton Lombardy, 2,471-ton Paul Emile Javary, 1,427-ton Rutland, 1,637-ton St Clair and 4,362-ton Vulcain, and the escorts were the destroyers Encounter, Vanoc, Viscount, Whirlwind, Witherington, Wolverine and French Tigre, paddle minesweeper Atherstone and anti-submarine trawler Leicester City.