Operation Heinrich (ii)


'Heinrich' (ii) was a German deception undertaking in 'Wacht am Rhein' by the 307th Frontaufklärungskommando (November/early December 1944).

The plan was based on the feeding of false information to Belgian, Dutch and other foreign workers of known anti-German sentiments, as well as concentration camp inmates, being used for forced labour on the 'Westwall' defences. This false information suggested that major German forces were being assembled in the area of Mönchengladbach, somewhat to the north of their actual deployment area.

The plan was derived from the assumption that these workers had links to the Allies, and would feed them the false information that would thus distract Allied attentions from the line between Monschau and Echternach, farther to the south, where 'Wacht am Rhein' was actually to be launched.