Operation Hemlock

'Hemlock' was a US operation by the Office of Strategic Services to lower German morale by the dissemination of false news items (1944).

Undertaken by the Morale Operations Branch of the OSS, 'Hemlock' was a poison-pen letter campaign based on the sending to Gestapo officers of anonymous letters which implicated various German soldiers and officials in pro-Allied behaviour.

One such letter implied that the Gestapo had killed Generalmajor Franz Krech, the Kampfkommandant Peloponnes after he had been discovered to be plotting to defect to the Allies. In reality, Krech had been ambushed and killed, together with three other German soldiers, by Greek guerrillas on 26 April 1944 as he undertook an inspection tour of Monemvasia in the Peloponnesian region of southern Greece.