Operation Hermann (i)

This was a German operation in the Belorussian region of the German-occupied western USSR by a combined force of Sicherheitsdienst personnel, police and SS troops of the Kampfgruppe ‘von Gottberg’ under the command of SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Waffen-SS Curt von Gottberg, supported by Latvian and Ukrainian collaborator units, against so-called partisans (largely Jews and other ‘undesirables’) (15 July/15 August 1943).

The operation targeted the area of Ivenets and Naliboki as well as the forested area to the west of Minsk. The operation destroyed the ghetto of Glebokie, unsuccessfully attacked the base area of the Bielski partisans in Naliboki forest of which large areas were burned, and destroyed three villages. Some 4,280 persons were killed, and another 20,954 taken for forced labour.