Operation IKO

'IKO' was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical and in one case a literal suffix) plying the route between Manila in the Philippine islands group and Hollandia in New Guinea (April/May 1945).

Associated with the US reconquest of Luzon island after the 'Mike I' landings, there were seven such convoys.The first of these was IKO.201 of 4/9 April 1945 from Manila to Hollandia with seven US vessels in the form of the 5,532-ton commissioned tanker Mission San Fernando, 10,448-ton commissioned tanker Montebello Hills, 6,012-ton Platano, 6,925-ton Santa Cruz, 7,887-ton Sea Perch, 7,942-ton Sea Snipe and 10,172-ton Wood Lake.

The series ended with IKO.209A of 24/28 May 1945 from Leyte to Manus island with six US ships in the form of the 6,679-ton Alcoa Polaris, 6,711-ton Cape Cleare, 9,943 commissioned transport General W. C. Langfitt, 10,448-ton commissioned tanker Gervais, 10,172-ton Horseshoe and 7,942-ton Sea Cat.