Operation Italia


'Italia' was an Italian convoy operation across the Mediterranean (27/30 April 1942).

This convoy was in effect the reciprocal of 'Genova', and departed Tripoli for Naples on 27 May with two ships escorted by the destroyer Folgore and the torpedo boats Centauro and Pallade. The convoy reached its destination without loss on 30 April.

In other Italian naval operations of this period, between 27 and 29 April the destroyers Ugolini Vivaldi and Freccia escorted the transport Capo Orso from Benghazi to Brindisi and on 30 April three two-ship convoys departed Brindisi for Benghazi, Taranto for Tripoli, and Tripoli for Naples. The first was escorted by the destroyers Saetta and Strale and torpedo boat Orsa, the second by the destroyers Antonio Pigafetta and Nicolo Zeno and torpedo boat Clio, and the third by the destroyers Premuda and Lanzerotto Malocello. All three convoys reached their destinations without loss on 2 May.