Operation JH (i)

'JH' (i) was the designation of Allied convoys (together with a numerical and sometimes a literal suffix) plying the route from St John’s, Newfoundland to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and as such reciprocals of the 'HJ' series (May 1942/April 1945).

The first convoy of this 'St John’s to Halifax' series was JH.1 of 21/23 May 1942 with the 1,961-ton US Belle Isle and 3,489-ton British Fort Townshend, and the last was JH.121 of 8/12 April 1945 with the 2,728-ton Greek Anna T, 1,870-ton British Evelyn B, 1,870-ton US George W. Brown, 1,243-ton Norwegian Gulhaug, 1,396-yon British Moyra, 1,365-ton British Northern Ranger, 2,381-ton British Norwood Park and 2,405-ton British Otterburn Park.