Operation Jockworth

'Jockworth' was a British special forces operation by the French 3rd Régiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes (3rd Special Air Service) to harass German communications near Villefranche in German-occupied France as the Germans were pulling back in front of the Allied break-out from the Normandy lodgement gained in 'Overlord' (15 August/9 September 1944).

Under the command of Capitaine Jean Hourst, 57 men were parachuted into the area of south-western France bounded by the Rhône and Loire rivers, and then undertook a successful operation which also involved the arming of the local resistance forces and their entry, as the first Allied troops to do so, into Lyons, where they became involved in the house-to-house fighting which liberated the city from German occupation on 3 September.