Operation K (i)

'K' (i) was the designation of French convoys (together with a numerical and sometimes a literal suffix) plying the route from Casablanca, Morocco, to Brest, the Gironde estuary or Nantes, France, or Oran, Algeria, and including 'KF' fast and 'KS' slow components (October 1939/June 1940).

Among the first of the series was the K.16 convoy of 15/22 October 1939 from Casablanca to Brest with six French vessels in the form of the 3,152-ton Artesien, 3,059-ton Cambronne, 2,299-ton Cap Tafelneh, 5,417-ton P.L.M.21, 2,955-ton Saumur and 2,624-ton Tabarka, and one of the last was K.11 of 22/25 June 1940 from Casablanca to Oran with the 3,450-ton French Capitaine St Martin, 3,938-ton Panamanian Csikos and 7,813-ton French Rhea.