Operation Kitbag I

'Kitbag I' was a British uncompleted special forces raid to destroy shipping, cold storage facilities, a fish-canning factory, a herring oil factory, oil tanks and other installations in the harbour of FlorÝ, to the north of Bergen on the west coast of German-occupied Norway, by about 250 men of No. 6 Commando (9/12 December 1941).

The operation was also designed to capture Quisling collaborators and recruit local Norwegians for the Free Norwegian forces. Together with a detachment of No. 12 Commando and 30 Norwegian soldiers under the command of Captain Martin Linge, No. 6 Commando embarked in the infantry landing ship Prince Charles and departed Scapa Flow on 9 December to be escorted to and from the target area by the light cruiser Arethusa and destroyers Icarus, Inglefield, Intrepid and Offa. During the outward passage an incident occurred while some of the men were priming grenades for the raid: six men were killed and another 11 were seriously wounded, but it was decided to continue with the operation.

Navigational difficulties intervened, however, and 'Kitbag I' was called off when the naval commander could not locate the fjord upon which FlorÝ is located.