Operation Kitbag II

'Kitbag II' was a British naval undertaking against a German convoy in the area of Florø, to the north of Bergen on the west coast of German-occupied Norway (7 January 1942).

The operation was initially to have included a small landing operation, but this was deleted from the undertaking before its start. Thus the destroyers Inglefield and Intrepid intercepted the convoy, with the light cruiser Sheffield standing off in support, as Armstrong Whitworth Whitley bombers attacked the airfield at Sola to prevent German air intervention. Also involved were the Free Dutch submarine O-14 as the navigational beacon and the anti-submarine trawler Stella Pegasi.

The British destroyers initially investigated the harbour of Bonanoes, but this was discovered to be empty, so the ships made for Florø , near there intercepting a German convoy and damaging the 2,221-ton German freighter Hedwigshütte with gunfire, but not the 423-ton coaster Eisblink. The patrol boat Orkan was also driven ashore.