Operation Kongo


'Kongo' was a Japanese undertaking to designed to reduce the strength of the US navy in the Pacific theatre by the use of midget submarines (12 Jauary 1945).

Captained by Lieutenant Commander Teramoto, the Japanese submarine I-36 began to launch its payload of four kaiten midget submarines, piloted by Lieutenant Kagaya Takeru, 2nd Lieutenant Todokoro Shizuyo, Ensign Motoi Bunya and Chief Petty Officer Fukumoto Yurimitsu, to close and attack US ships in the Pacific Fleet superb anchorage in Ulithi atoll.

A Martin PBM Mariner twin-engined patrol flying boat of the US Navy’s VPB-21 squadron spotted a midget submarine in shallow waters of Ulithi lagoon, and dropped four depth charges to sink one of the midget submarines.

Post-war analysis indicated that one midget submarine damaged the ammunition ship Mazama and another sank infantry landing craft LCI-600.