Operation Königsberg

(East Prussian city)

'Königsberg' was the German disengagement and retreat of General Anton Grasser’s Armeeabteilung 'Narwa' (from 25 September the Armeeabteilung 'Grasser') not to the 'Nelken-Stellung' position as initially planned but to the 'Tulpen-Stellung' position (16 September/5 October 1944).

This took the Armeeabteilung 'Narwa' from its first position on the Baltic Sea coast to the north of Yelgarkrogs to the south-east as far as Weden and then farther to the south. The plan was executed on 16 September 1944, somewhat earlier than had been intended, as a result of the pressure imposed on Generaloberst Ferdinand Schörner’s Heeresgruppe 'Nord' by Marshal Sovetskogo Soyuza Leonid A. Govorov’s Leningrad Front and General Ivan I. Maslennikov’s 3rd Baltic Front.

On 29 October the Armeeabteilung 'Grasser' was redesignated as the Armeeabteilung 'Kleffel' after Grasser had been succeeded by General Philipp Kleffel, and in November of the same year was redeployed to the Netherlands where, on 10 November, it became the core of General Friedrich Christiansen’s new 25th Army.