Operation Krause


'Krause' was a German and Croat pair of operations ('Krause I' and 'Krause II') against the partisan forces of Josip Broz Tito in the puppet state of Croatia in Axis-occupied Yugoslavia (2/6 February 1943).

The objective was to clear the area to the north of the railway line connecting Nova Gradiska and Okučani, to pin and engage the partisan 4th Division which had been attacking the railways, roads and garrisons between Nova Gradiska and Novska, and to seize and deport to concentration camps any and all partisan sympathisers found in the area.

The German force committed to this undertaking was the 2/741st Grenadierregiment of Generalleutnant Karl Eglseer’s 714th Division, while that of the Croats comprised the 2/4th Regiment, 5/5th Regiment, 2nd Assault Battalion, 2nd Recruit Battalion, and Replacement Battalion/Einsatzstaffel der Deutschen Mannschaft.

No information about the operation has been located, and the probability is that the undertaking was cancelled or that no contact was made with the partisans.