Operation Krebs


'Krebs' was the German naval and overland evacuation of military personnel and a last few civilians from Memel on the Baltic Sea coast of Lithuania before this city’s fall to the Soviet forces of General Hovhannes Kh. Bagramyan’s 1st Baltic Front on 28 January in the Soviet 'East Prussian Offensive Operation' (24/28 January 1945).

Last to leave the city were a number of special teams of military demolition teams who, immediately before their departure, destroyed all of the remaining heavy armament facilities, warehouses, barracks and other buildings. It was at 04.00 in the morning of 28 January 1945 the last German soldier departed Memel, and a few hours later the first Soviet troops, of the the 16th Lithuanian Division, entered the city, which was on fire and contained only a few dozen local inhabitants.