Operation Kruschen (ii)

'Kruschen' (ii) was a British unrealised plan for a naval sweep by major elements of Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser’s Home Fleet against German shipping in the coastal waters of German-occupied Norway (6/8 June 1944).

The objective was the destruction of German shipping off the Norwegian coast in the Leads between Skorpen and Reksten islands and at Reksten and Søgne Sjoen.

The force committed under the command of Rear Admiral R. R. McGrigor comprised the fleet carriers Victorious and Furious, heavy cruiser Kent, light cruiser Jamaica, and destroyers Matchless, Meteor, Milne, Musketeer, Wager, Wakeful, Whelp and Wizard.

Aircraft of Air Vice Marshal S. P. Simpson’s No. 18 Group of Air Chief Marshal Sir William Sholto Douglas’s RAF Coastal Command had sighted and reported two convoys, one heading north and the other south, as possible targets, but the weather was not suitable for flying on 7 June. The attack was therefore postponed for 24 hours, but the weather in the morning of 8 June was still less suitable for flying so McGrigor ordered the cancellation of the operation and the ships returned to Scapa Flow.