Operation KS (i)

'KS' (i) was the designation of French slow convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying primarily from Casablanca in French North Africa to various French North African and mainland French ports (September 1939/May 1940).

An early example of these 73 convoys was KS.8 of 17/18 June 1940 from Casablanca to Oran with the 6,322-ton Belgian Mafuta and 3,106-ton Polish Wisla, and the last of the series was KS.99 of 21/27 May 1940 from Casablanca to Brest with the 8,009-ton British Anadara, 4,785-ton French Aveyron, 7,106-ton British British Pride, 1,277-ton Swedish Calabria, 2,578-ton French Cap el Hank, 4,459-ton French Carimare, 1,912-ton French Chateau Latour, 4,434-ton Norwegian Dagfred, 1,751-ton Swedish Liguria, 944-ton Dutch Sandenburgh, 1,902-ton Norwegian Skrim, 496-ton Dutch Walenburgh and 5,961-ton Greek Zeus.