Operation KX

'KX' was the designation of Allied special convoys (together with a numerical suffix) plying the route from the UK to Gibraltar and later to North African ports in support of 'Torch' and subsequent operations, and as such reciprocals of the 'XK' series (October 1942/February 1945).

The first of these 21 convoys was KX.1 of 1/14 October 1942 with the 11,348-ton British Llanstephan Castle carrying 1,369 passengers and escorted by the British destroyers Achates and Vanoc, escort destroyer Newark and minesweeper Dornoch. The last was KX.17 of 14/22 February 1945 with five British mercantile vessels in the form of the 1,124-ton Cromwell, 813-ton tug Empire Cadet, 1,747-ton suction hopper/dredger Empire Clydesdale, 797-ton tug Empire Drury and 797-ton tug Empire Settler, and US naval freight barge YF-72, escorted by the British destroyer Seabear and frigate Tees.