Operation Lacerate

'Lacerate' was a British carrierborne air attack by elements of Admiral Sir Henry Moore’s Home Fleet off the west coast of German-occupied Norway (12/17 December 1944).

With the primary objective of laying mines in the Ramsøyund, Åramsund or Skatestrommen, the ships involved were the escort carriers Premier and Trumpeter, the heavy cruiser Devonshire, and the destroyers Zealous, Zephyr and Canadian Algonquin and Sioux.

The carrierborne aircraft laid mines in the Ramsøyund and attacked a number of coastal targets, but the planned attacks on the airfields at Hammerfest and Banak, as well as the laying of mines in the Skatestrommen, were cancelled because of adverse weather and the fact that German aircraft were shadowing the force, which was attacked on three nights by Junkers Ju 88 torpedo bombers, of which one was shot down.